Carl Taylor

Welcome to my personal website.  I have finally got around to putting something online that says a bit about myself.  If you are suffering from insomnia then the About Me page should give you something to help put you gently to sleep.

I have had a wide and varied career covering mainly the IT, Computing and Communications arena.  One of my key abilities is to look at a problem and find a solution for it.  The wide range of experience I have allows me to view things from many angles and I consider myself a "jack of all trades, master of some". 

Now I am running my own company - Adepteo - and have a small but dedicated team of Software Engineers and Designers who are helping me to push the company forward.  The many threads of experience I have gained combined with the skills and knowledge of the crew make for a strong team.

I consider myself to have been very lucky in my career and had some fantastic experiences and opportunities, never one to step away from a problem I am generally rather shy about pushing myself forward.

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Adepteo has reached the finals of the Digital Entrepreneur of the Year 2010 in the category of Digital Employer.


We have also won other things.

Carl Taylor

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