My first Usenet Map Entry

Posted on Sat 16 Nov 1991 00:34

Whilst working at Harris Adacom in the early part of 1991 I setup my first "internet" presence as part of the companies communications infrastructure.  It was a small Xenix based multi user server system and had a high powered and very expensive 14400 baud modem that used to dial up every night and transfer the daily updates of news, information, and most interestingly to me loads of C source code for me to pour over and learn about the programming language.

I have been interested to see that courtesy of various historical resources it is still possible to find information about the setup.

Here appear to be the maps for the whole of the world

This was the file that contained our entry.  There were some pretty illustrious names in there alongside us.


This was our Map Entry to identify our particular node on the net.


#N	uk96sup
#O	Harris Adacom Ltd (Winnersh)
#C	Carl Taylor
#E	carl@uk96sup.uucp
#T	+44 734 442777
#P	Eskdale Road, Winnersh, Wokingham, Berks, RG11 5TR
#L	00 53 08 W / 51 33 45 N

Carl Taylor

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